Everything Starts With "E"

I'm Erica! I adore Jesus, I love my family and I'm pretty sure I sleep way more than the average person should :)

Worry or Not To Worry?

I’m a sophomore in college studying Political Science. My initial plan is to attend Law School after my undergrad. Ever since I’ve declared my major I’ve had a few worries. One was that I’ll become this career-obsessed woman who gets too caught up in making a living that she forgets to make a life! The other was that I’d lose my relationship with God because of how busy my work schedule will be as an attorney.  

These are two things I never want to see happen in my life. The great thing is I know that it won’t because my savior, Jesus Christ, will keep me focused on what’s most important and in the right place to receive the many blessings He has for me. I need not worry about my career taking over my life or falling away from Christ because of my job. God will grace me with the strength and time to be a great Wife, Mother AND Attorney while at the same time I can use my career as a platform to represent Christ rather than fall away from Him. 

I’m so encouraged and excited to remain in God’s will because as long as I do that, I’ll always be in the right place at the right time.

Just A Thought

I’m at a point where I’m ready for a meaningful relationship. I’m ready to share life experiences with someone I love and trust. I have everything a girl could ask for except the love of my life.. I stay patient because I trust that Christ is always on time and having faith in Christ includes me trusting in His timing and direction! 

It’s inspiring to see couples who make Jesus the foundation of their relationships and the love that they share between one another is overwhelmingly special! I know that I’ll one day have that as long as I don’t grow weary and full of doubt. I’ll never settle for less because Jesus wants me to have the absolute best :)

In love with this polka dot top!

In love with this polka dot top!

Ladies, give your heart to God and He’ll place it in the hands of a man who deserves it..

I’ve found my dream dress. 

I’ve found my dream dress. 



Tori Kelly

—Dear No One

I haven’t been able to find a song to relate to lately because I feel my situation is so rare! Oddly enough, I found this song tonight on Youtube, and now I can’t stop listening to it… I’m pretty sure Tori Kelly stole my diary and then wrote this song!